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An Unique Artistic Way To Healing

Esoteric healing is not merely a practice. It is an art and science that harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. I offer a unique approach to healing that transcends conventional boundaries. Using a combination of brainwave entrainment, hypnosis, and meditation I call the “Healz Method”. Allow me to use my skillsets and unlock your latent potential within.

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What I Offer To Clients

Binaural-Beat, Meditative, & Hypnosis Soundtracks

Not your basic boring typical meditation audio. Customized and tailored to you specific healing needs.

Distance & In-Person Healing Sessions

Healing in the comfort of your own home w/me via Zoom. In-person sessions available to Denver, CO busines professionals.

Remote Esoteric Business Audit & Report

Gain insight on your businesses bio-rythms and what it looks like. As well as the balance of your businesses chakras and much more.

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What Clients Say About Me

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life, and traditional therapy just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was hesitant to try Rico’s distance healing services, but I am so glad I did. Rico created a safe and welcoming environment for me to explore my emotions and work through my past traumas. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Devin W.

I came to this website seeking help for my spiritual journey, and I was blown away by the expertise and kindness of Rico. He helped me connect with my higher self and guided me towards a deeper understanding of my purpose in life. I would recommend his meditative soundtrack services to anyone looking to explore their spirituality.

Rebecca S.

“I was at my lowest point, feeling hopeless and lost, until I stumbled upon this healing services website. Rico didn’t just offer a quick fix, but he took the time to truly understand my struggles and provide personalized healing that went beyond just physical symptoms. Thanks to his compassion and expertise, I feel like I have a renewed sense of purpose and hope for my future.”

Martina H.